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In a bid to raise awareness around growing environmental concerns and the adverse effects that climate change could have on our skin, we've partnered with comedian Cat Cohen and non-profit organization Intersectional Environmentalist to release a parody video titled “Get Ready With Me for the End Of The World.”
To continue to support their commitment to increasing access to environmental education, IE have also announced their Earth Month Fundraiser. For more information on how to donate, please visit:
Based on the above information, Skin Proud and IE helped formulate the beauty bag of 2050. The full kit includes:

Inflamm-a-Toner: If the temperature continues to rise, we’ll need this industrial grade toner to keep the skin’s pH and protected from dangerous toxins.

Micro-Plastic Removal Mask: If the fossil fuel industry keeps up with plastic production, we will need a special mask to draw micro-plastics out of our skin to keep it clear and glowy.

Extinguisher Repair Mask: If wildfire smoke continues to increase and linger we’ll need this ultra-intense hydrating mask to prevent skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

SPF 5000+: If the ozone layer continues to deplete at the rate it is, SPF 5000+ will be the only SPF that can protect us from skin cancer.

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